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Toowoomba Bridge Club Inc

10th December 2023

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Organiser:Tim Porter
Phone:0418 693 631
Chief Tournament Director: Chris Snook




·      Check-in is 9:00am for a 9:30 start.

·      Entry fee is $120 per team. Payment is required prior to the event via MyABF.

·      Two session Swiss teams’ congress.

·      This Congress is QBA approved and conducted under QBA regulations.

·      RED Masterpoints at the B4 level for each match won or drawn, plus outright award to the top third of the field (not guaranteed unless an ABF number is provided).

·      Each pair must have two legible ABF systemically identical system cards on the table.

·      Green, Blue and Red systems and Brown Sticker treatments are permitted. Players are responsible for ensuring the correctness of their system classification

·      Smoking is not permitted in the playing area.


·      BYO Lunch. You will not be able to purchase at the clubrooms. Nearest shops are 1km away.

·      Refreshments will be available all day. Complimentary wine and savouries at close of play.


·      1st $480, 2nd $320, plus category prizes on the basis of the Directors original seeding.

Location - Toowoomba Bridge Club, 55 Stuart Street


Ample car parking is available.


  • BYO Lunch.
  • You will not be able to purchase at the clubrooms. Nearest shops are 1km away.
  • Tea, coffee and water will be available along with refreshments throughout the day.

Additional Information

Smoking is not permitted in the clubrooms. There is a dedicated smoking area that visitors may use.


* For teams events Entry fee per player assumes a team of 4. Amounts will differ for teams of 5 or 6.

Event Full entry fee per player Day Time Total entries Action
Swiss Teams30 credits* Sunday 10-12-2023 - 9:30am 16 Entries closed on Thursday 7 Dec 2023View Entries

Players and officials are asked not to attend any event if they are infectious, or if they are supposed to be isolating or quarantining. Those who come to play and, feeling unwell, self-diagnose that they may be infectious, should inform the Director and leave the venue.

Entry conditions may be subject to change, which may include cancellation of the event.

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