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Toowoomba Bridge Club Inc

10th to 17th July 2024


Organiser:Chris Snook
Phone: 0413136435
Chief Tournament Director:Chris Snook


·     *GNOT = Grand National Open Teams – For teams of 4, 5 or 6 players.

·     The top team from this qualifying round advances to play in the Darling Downs Zone/Area Final hosted by Toowoomba on Sunday 11th August. If there are more than five entries in this club qualifying heat, then an additional team qualifies for the Area Final per five additional contestants or part thereof.

·     Teams who are not willing to play in the Area Final, or who have already qualified to play in the Area Final, are permitted to play in this Qualifying round and win masterpoints but must declare themselves as “non-contenders” at the commencement of play. This means they may play and earn masterpoints but will not earn the right to advance to the Zone/Area Final.

·     The Top two teams from the Darling Downs Zone/Area Final will advance to the 64 Team Knockout event played online on RealBridge Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd September.

·     Top 4 teams from the knockout and top 8 non-metropolitan teams advance to the National Final in Sydney on Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th November.

·      Entry Fee for this Round: $40 per team ($10 for each of the first 4 players named in the team).

·      QBA regulations apply.

·      Systems: Green, Blue and Red systems and Brown Stickers treatments are allowed. Each player must have an approved current ABF system card.

·      Gold masterpoints per win or draw.

·      Format: Decided by the Director on number of entries (round robin or Swiss).

·      Entries by 5:00pm Monday 8th July please – but earlier entries are preferred.

·      Prior entry is required for this event.

·      Late entries may be allowed at the discretion of the Director/Convenor.

Location - toowoomba bridge club


* For teams events Entry fee per player assumes a team of 4. Amounts will differ for teams of 5 or 6.

Event Full entry fee per player Day Time Total entries Action
Toowoomba GNOT C Wednesday Round10 credits* Wednesday 10-07-2024 - 1pm 21 Entries closed on Monday 8 Jul 2024View Entries
Wednesday 17-07-2024 - 1pm

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