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Gold Coast Bridge Club

11th to 18th April 2024

Sponsored by

Lynley Jenkins
In Memory of Cecily Critchley (Deceased)


Organiser:Jenny Martin
Phone: 0418 786 454
Tournament Director: To be advised


For the Tournament's Regulations, click here

  • All players in your entry need to have their own personal MyABF account if they are to be specifically named when you lodge your entry. If you are lodging an entry but are waiting for a teammate to set up their own MyABF account, you can lodge the entry with the player shown as "TBA" (to be advised).  If so, please also add their name in the comments area - which is then visible to the Tournament Organisers and the director.  The "TBA" can be updated when the player has set up their MyABF account.
  • Webpage listing all MyABF resources
  • Help on any MyABF issues is also available from Paul Brake - 0490 117 482 or



  • Enter via MyABF (this site). 
  • Entry fee: $80 per team ($20 per player).   Payment (via MyABF) can be made for all or one or more team members at a time. If a team consists of 5 or 6 players, the first four players pay $20 each, and the team members sort out among themselves the internal split of the $80 between themselves. 
  • Entries close on (and payment of the team entry fee must be received by) 5 pm Monday 8 April 2024.  Late entries and refunds at the discretion of the director.
  • Need Help? If you have difficulties in registering your MyABF account, entering this particular event or paying for an entry, see the MyABF resources in the Links section of this webpage.  You can also contact Paul Brake on 0490 117 482 or email who is happy to help!

CATERING - BYO Morning Tea/Lunch.  Tea/coffee available


The MyABF on-line partnership desk used for this event allows you to advertise you are looking for a partner or teammates. This can be done privately (so only the tournament organisers know who you are) or publicly (all players can see your name/s).  If players are listed as looking for partner/teammates, you can also see that and click on their names to contact them by email.  You can withdraw from the partnership desk at any time.


  • All players must be under 110 Masterpoints as at 29 February 2024
  • Green Masterpoints awarded for each match win or draw, plus the top third of overall field.
  • Green and Blue systems permitted
  • Each pair must have two adequately completed (and systemically identical) ABF system cards at the start of each round. Players are responsible for ensuring the correctness of their system classification.
  • The format for the event (Round Robin, Swiss movement, etc) is at the discretion of the director, and will take into account the number of teams and other relevant factors.
  • All players must adhere to the club's Covid-19 safe protocols,  including any terms as stipulated on the day.  Players and officials are asked not to attend any event if they are infectious, or if they are supposed to be isolating or quarantining. Those who come to play and, feeling unwell, self diagnose that they are infectious, should inform the director and leave the venue.

Location - Gold Coast Bridge Club


Ample free parking is available at the club.  For full details of transport options, click here.


Event Entry Fee Day Time Total Entries Action
Under 110 Masterpoint Teams80 credits Thursday 11-04-2024 - 9:20am 10 Entries closed on Monday 8 Apr 2024View Entries
Thursday 18-04-2024 - 9:20am

While entries have formally closed, if you are still interested in playing, contact the director to see if a late entry can be accepted.

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