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Bridge Federation Of The ACT

20th March to 28th April 2024


Organiser:Niek Van Vucht


BFACT regulations:


2024 ANC Selection Events 

BFACT will be holding events to select pairs to play as ACT representatives at the Australian National Championships (ANC).  Women, Senior, Open and Youth teams can go to the ANC.

Events are open to eligible BFACT affiliated players only.

All events can be entered on the MyABF website as entry to a congress.  Players can enter the weeknight qualifying event via MyABF or through the CBC website:

The Womens team selection event will be on 23 and 24 March with Wednesday, 20 March and Friday 22 March added if there are sufficient entries. 

The Seniors team selection will be on 6 and 7 April with Wednesday, 3 April and Friday 5 April added if there are sufficient entries. 

Open team selection will have a Stage 1 evening event to select 9 pairs to a final, and a Stage 2 (Saturday) event any pair can enter to select 3 additional pairs to the final:

       Open Stage 1 – 2, 9 and 16 April
       Open Stage 2 – Saturday 20 April
       Open Final – 26, 27 and 28 April

 The ANC will be in Orange from 6-18 July, please see ABF website.

Location - Canberra Bridge Club, 4 Duff Place, Deakin ACT


Weekend events are not catered.  Players should either bring their own lunch or purchase it from one of the nearby cafes.


Event Full entry fee per player Day Time Total entries Action
ACT Women's Team Selection trials130 credits Wednesday 20-03-2024 - 7:15pm 12 Entries closed on Tuesday 19 Mar 2024View Entries
Friday 22-03-2024 - 7:15pm
Saturday 23-03-2024 - 10am
Sunday 24-03-2024 - 10am
ACT Seniors Team Selection event130 credits Wednesday 03-04-2024 - 7:15pm 12 Entries closed on Monday 1 Apr 2024View Entries
Friday 05-04-2024 - 7:15pm
Saturday 06-04-2024 - 10am
Sunday 07-04-2024 - 10am
Open Stage 240 credits Saturday 20-04-2024 - 9:30am 0 Entries closed on Wednesday 17 Apr 2024View Entries
ACT Open Team Selection finals (pre-qualification required)130 credits Friday 26-04-2024 - 7:15pm 9 Entries closed on Saturday 27 Apr 2024View Entries
Saturday 27-04-2024 - 10am
Sunday 28-04-2024 - 10am

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