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Victorian Bridge Centre

23rd to 30th October 2024


Organiser:  Viv Dacey
Phone: ‭0418 302 433‬
Chief Tournament Director:  Laurie Kelso


A 2 week VBC club GREEN POINT event held at the Victorian Bridge Centre. Open to all (Visitors Welcome).  Commences each night at 7:30pm.  Players are requested to be seated by 7:15pm.

The format is Swiss Pairs. 

Robbie was an icon in the Australian bridge world. He represented Victorian in the Open teams at the National Championships 12 times between 1976 and 2006 and won 6 silver and one gold (1986).  He also represented Victoria in the Seniors team twice.  He won the Victorian Open teams in 1999.  

Amongst his National titles Robbie won the National Open Teams twice (1979 & 1980) the Gold Coast Teams (1998) and the 2012 National Seniors Teams. He won the Bobby Evans Seniors Teams at the Spring Nationals in 2013. He played on several Australian teams in Seniors bridge and took home the bronze medal from the Asia-Pacific Open pairs in 2014

Robbie is 34th in the all time list of Masterpoint winners.

He loved the theatre. He was an expert at cryptic crosswords. His explanations of why a cryptic answer was right sometimes seemed more cryptic than the original clue, but he always patiently expanded his explanation when asked!


Players are reminded of their obligation under the Bridge VictoriaTournament Regulations (clause 4 page 6) (link here) to notify the  Match & Tournament Committee  of the need to use a substitute. This notification should be made as soon as you are aware of the need for a substitute. This policy has often been ignored and will now be strictly enforced.  Failure to notify will automatically incur a scoring penalty and if the substitution is deemed unsuitable it may result in disqualification.

You are also required to find a substitute of a similar ability.  Substitutes deemed overweight will automatically receive penalties as prescribed under the Regulations.

Location - Victorian Bridge Centre


Event Full entry fee per player Day Time Total entries Action
Rob Van Riel Swiss Pairs28 credits Wednesday 23-10-2024 - 7:30pm 0 Enter
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Wednesday 30-10-2024 - 7:30pm

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