Graded Matchpoint Pairs

Sunshine Coast Graded Zone Pairs

26th November 2023 - 9:30am Start

38 entries out of a maximum of 64

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Michael Phillips, Shirley Phillips Complete
Peter Busch, Adrienne Kelly Complete
Ken Dawson, Rosemary Crowley Complete
Errol Miller, Dorothy Gehrke Complete
Brian Cordiner, Samantha Shaw Complete
Jim Martin, Lyn Martin Complete
Graeme Lean, Allan Adams Complete
Judith Leathley, Kate Balmanno Complete
Amber Noonan, Anne Young Complete
Sarah Huntington-Wynne, Tim Sayer Complete
Marilyn Endacott, Beverley Northey Complete
David Richards, Jay Kent Complete
Pamela Hawkins, David Harris Complete
PETER GRUYTHUYSEN, Ross Shardlow Complete
Greg Dobson, Kay Sutherland Complete
Andrea Smith, Jan Hoffman Complete
Margaret Robertson, Donald Robertson Complete
Andrew Hooper, Pippa Hooper Complete
Brett Waring, Margo Solomon Complete
Maureen Wright, Prunella Adams Complete
Deborah Gibbards, Gary Gibbards Complete
Keith Cohen, Bev Connell Complete
Peter Logan, Annette Moss Complete
Diane Quigley, Penny Sykes Complete
Sheryl Cullenward, Ann Mellings Complete
Pepe Schwegler, Dana Tannahill Complete
Jenny Mawson, Stephen Ronay Complete
Drew Campi, Moira Smith Complete
Suzanne Gardner, Di Rogers Complete
Eugenie Mooney, Anna irminger Complete
John Stacey, Beverley Stacey Complete
Tony Walford, Jilliana Bell Complete
Timothy Ridley, Maureen Jakes Complete
John Newton, Ilo Hellaby Complete
Anne Kiven, Kwai Barker Complete
Julie Pigdon, Tricia Merefield Complete
Astrid Borchardt, Mike Scott Complete
Fay Stanton, Gabrielle Elich Complete