Open Trials Plate

Open Trials Final and Plate

1st February to 14th March 2024 - 7:15pm Start

30 entries

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Lauren Travis, Bill Griggs Complete
Susan Emerson, Linda Babiszewski Complete
Sharmini Anderson, Milton Hart Complete
Julie Boyce, Christine Thomas Complete
David Anderson, John Kikkert Complete
Pam Morgan-King, Andrew Eddie Complete
Bob Clarke, Arthur Porter Complete
Adel Abdelhamid, Anne Harris Complete
Kayoko Miki, Prudie Wagner Complete
Tassi Georgiadis, Joanne Bakas Complete
Wendy Smith, Jim Smith Complete
David De Bellis, Wendy Hooper Complete
Andrew Hill, David Shilling Complete
Judith Roberts, Rosemary Grund Complete
Linda Alexander, Angela Norris Complete
Brian Leach, Peter Mika Complete
Carolyn Leach, Sandy Leach Complete
Heather Motteram, Felicity Gunner Complete
Wendy Hopkins, John Smith Complete
Caprice Davey, Alice Handley Complete
Ingrid Cooke, Ann Clarke Complete
Bill Bradshaw, Peter Dieperink Complete
Peter Chan, Gary Chua Complete
Felicity Smyth, Therese Demarco Complete
John Lokan, Bevin Brooks Complete
Moira Smith, Wendy Webster Complete
Barbara Marrett, Alison Fallon Complete
Jackie Franco, Martin Walton Complete
David Black, Phil Cheney Complete
Gilbert Morgan, Joachim Haffer Complete