Walk-in Pairs

Sunshine Coast June Congress 2021

18th June 2021 - 1:15pm Start

18 entries out of a maximum of 48

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
John Kenny, Brian Cordiner Complete
Peter Busch, Adrienne Kelly Complete
Ken Dawson, Rosemary Crowley Complete
Robyn Palethorpe, Wendy Crombie Complete
Margaret Robertson, Kiyomi Avunduk Complete
Jane Doyle, Louise Taylor-Smith Complete
Marilyn Endacott, Mimie Jenman Complete
Fay Stanton, Gabrielle Elich Complete
Michael Phillips, Shirley Phillips Complete
Anne Young, Alison Dawson Complete
Patrick Bugler, Neville Francis Complete
Val Holbrook, Noel Bugeia Complete
Jane Clitheroe, TBA Complete
Gregory Gosney, Margaret Plunkett Complete
Randall Rusk, Tony Walford Complete
Astrid Borchardt, TBA Complete
Chris Snook, Denise Hartwig Complete
Kate Balmanno, TBA Complete