Sunshine Coast Imp Pairs

Sunshine Coast June Congress 2021

19th June 2021 - 9:15am Start

48 entries out of a maximum of 48

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Peter Nilsson, Alan Boyce Complete
Jim Martin, Lyn Martin Complete
James Wallis, Toni Bardon Complete
Neville Francis, Patrick Bugler Complete
Daniel Thiebaud, Sylviane Thiebaud Complete
Peter Lloyd, Kirsty Dawe Complete
Julie Scott, Elizabeth Van Vugt Complete
Geoff Olsen, Maureen Jakes Complete
Ken Dawson, Verna Brookes Complete
Stephen Brookes, Adrienne Kelly Complete
Robyn Palethorpe, Heather Andrews Complete
Michael Stoneman, Val Roland Complete
John Kenny, Brian Cordiner Complete
Gregory Gosney, Margaret Plunkett Complete
Beverley Northey, Dianne Thatcher Complete
Val Holbrook, Noel Bugeia Complete
Anne Young, Fay Stanton Complete
Jacqueline Bonner, Mary James Complete
Ann Mellings, Dianne Musgrave Complete
Edgar Beckett, Janice Beckett Complete
Jennifer Hollingworth, Peter Coppin Complete
Raelene Clark, Richard Fox Complete
Anthony Hutton, Richard Ward Complete
Jilliana Bell, Vilma Laws Complete
Denise Hartwig, Chris Snook Complete
Noreen Weyling, Tony Davidson Complete
Moira Smith, Drew Campi Complete
David Christian, Richard Trollope Complete
Tony Walford, Judith Slade Complete
Suzanne Gardner, Kiyomi Avunduk Complete
Graeme Allan, Rob Anderson Complete
Louise Taylor-Smith, Jane Doyle Complete
Gabrielle Elich, Alison Dawson Complete
Donald Robertson, Margaret Robertson Complete
Prunella Adams, Diana Banks Complete
Randall Rusk, Drew Dunlop Complete
Annette Moss, Peter Logan Complete
Beverley Stacey, Patricia Buch Complete
Angela deMarr, Elaine Baric Complete
Anna Bell, Anne Nothling Complete
ines Dawes, Di Jones Complete
Brett Middelberg, Astrid Borchardt Complete
Timothy Ridley, David Harris Complete
Wendy O'Brien, Ken Rogers Complete
Eugenie Mooney, Katherine Collins Complete
Julie Pigdon, Hedo Balci Complete
Althea Crowley, Persephone Lobb Complete
Tony Thorne, TBA Complete