Under 750 Masterpoints

Queensland Graded Teams

14th April 2024 - 9:30am Start

10 entries out of a maximum of 10

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Barbara Love, Judy Hapeta, Sandra Hilton, Glenys Tipler Complete
Ross Shardlow, Fay Jeppesen, Gary Gibbards, PETER GRUYTHUYSEN Complete
Kathleen Clifford, Rex Meadowcroft, Vesna Markovic, Voyko Markovic Complete
Eugene Pereira, Martin Wu, Lyn Tracey, Richard Spelman Complete
Keith Cohen, Jenny Hays, John Reiter, Bev Connell Complete
Daria Williams, Peter Lyons, Barry Koster, Barbara Mackay Complete
Deanne Gaskill, Geoff Saxby, Susan Sharp, Andrew Sharp Complete
Robyn Palethorpe, Penny Schmalkuche, Lee Rogers, Denise Rogers Complete
Peter Munro, Vicki Foots, Helen Chamberlin, Sandra Mulcahy Complete
Lilly Jia, Davis Zhang, Winny Chan, Sameer Pandya Complete