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Albany Congress

1st March 2024 - 1pm Start

34 entries out of a maximum of 64

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Entry Status
Esther Saunders, Colin Saunders Complete
Carol Thomson, Barbara Pritchett Complete
Joan Peters, Bob Peters Complete
Christine Bradley, Craig Bradley Complete
Sharon Schneider, Tom Burton Complete
Jana Mayhew, Janet Burgess Complete
Robin Cordin, Janine Hughes Complete
Ted North, Adrienne North Complete
Joanne Saunders, Robert McCartney Complete
Claire James, John Elliott Complete
Jodie Basham, Karen Moller Complete
Vanessa Starcevich, Kate North Complete
Connie Derks, Anne Wakelin Complete
Mike Trafalski, John Boon Complete
Murray Webber, Bob Fergie Complete
Hilary Hall, Walter Hall Complete
Philip Powell, Karen Sivyer Complete
Kathy Perry, Matt Kruk Complete
Betty Campbell, Gillian Glass Complete
Helen Weston, Annette Ruvidini Complete
Carole Munro, Jane Allen Complete
Alison Mettam, Neville Koenig Complete
Ken Else, Kay Thompson Complete
Sybil Davies, Vanessa Floyd Complete
Wendy Wade, Malcolm Wornum Complete
Bruce Webber, Graham Wise Complete
Pauline Coulter, David Coulter Complete
Peter Holloway, Arianna Yusof Complete
Colin Payne, Fred Rieben Complete
Geoffrey Fairclough, Graham Wilcox Complete
Donald Cole, Deborah Wilson Complete
Pam Minchin, Tim Wright Complete
Shirley Anderson, Antonia Oudman Complete
Deborah Anick, Geoffrey Holmes Complete